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"Smartbeing is trusted to bring the balance you need in your life"




Be Inquisitive, Stay Curious!

"Everyone is Different. We recognize that.

 SmartBeing™ provides an analysis of your body's current status, and simplifies the process of understanding your health and physique better, so you know what it takes to be a healthier and fitter you.

The Fitter You




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Mdm Halimah Yacob using Smartbeing
Fast, Accurate & Safe.
Rediscovery by our active seniors
Fast, Accurate & Safe
Prime Minister Lee on the go!
45 seconds
Starting crowd at 9am.
Minister Chan Chun Sing
Mr Baey Yam Keng

Shawn Tan, 32

Personal Banker

Realizing that my visceral fat level is out of the ideal range, is a big reminder that I should review my diet, even though I'm always active.

Joan De Souza, 27

Health Care Executive

I didn't know that I was skinny fat! I always thought looking skinny meant that I was not fat! Thank you Smartbeing for pointing that out.

Siva.C, 41

I.T. Consultant

After my recent medical screening I knew I needed to change my lifestyle. Smartbeing reminded me I needed to do something about it. I liked that it was quite fast and can access my results instantly.



"Simple to use and easy to understand. Just focus on taking action.

We are right here with you."


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45 Seconds

Perform a Non-invasive, Bio-metric Body Scan under 45 seconds. Parameters includes body composition, vital signs and more with highest levels of clinical accuracy


Real-Time Results

Receive your results instantly and have access to your results and personalized health insights anywhere you are via your mobile, tablet or laptop.


Be Connected

Knowing is great but taking action is key. We've just made it easier for you to be seamlessly connected to an array of solutions that will help you launch forward in making real progress while enjoying this healthier journey.

SmartBeing™ is an interactive Health & Wellness System that integrates carefully selected health devices with our intuitive software. With real time results and immediate personalized interpretation of your results. This would be the best 45 seconds you have have ever invested in yourself.

Measurements engineered for taking Real Action.

Key Parameters

Smartbeing constantly evolves to bring you more useful and relevant parameters so that you are always 2 steps ahead in reaching your goals.


Understand where you stand in terms of your height and weight.


Find out if you are sufficiently hydrated.


Find out how much of you consists of Fats in percentage.


Understand how hard your heart is working.


Analyse the amount of fats within your belly, and your risk levels. 


Is your body getting enough oxygen in your blood?

Other non-invasive measurements analysed during your visit:



Fat Free Mass


Metabolic Age

Basal Metabolic Rate

 Trusted and used

 by many across 


Fitness Community

Busy Working Executives

Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast

Corporate Programs

Health professionals

Events & Roadshows

 An Unforgettable Experience

A system that prioritizes each user's privacy and safety while delivering maximum engagement and experience, every time.

Easy- to- Use

Easy- to- Use





A Must Have Tool

for your health related events and corporate wellness programs

"Give the people what they need"

Attention is key in communicating your brand, message or driving an initiative around a healthy purpose. What if you could achieve that, while providing a meaningful experience, showing your audience you care for their health and well-being?



6 reasons why

they love us



Every engagement counts and sets an impression that last. Let your message be felt and create impact by trading their attention with your message.



Stand out from the crowd. Drill a fresh perception into your targeted audience that allows your brand or message to be "top of mind". We take branding seriously and trust that you do too.



We believe that every individual is different and unique. Earning their attention should be based on each user profile, so that we can help you deliver the best experience to them, every time.



Have the flexibility to choose and decide "How" and "What" information will be seen by your audience. From physical customization to back-end tweaking . Our priority serves to help you meet your  objectives and deliver a memorable experience to all.



Work with us in reaching out to your targeted audience. Go beyond simply getting "eyeballs" or a traditional mass out reach. Its creating maximum impact with relevance that  has a strong purpose. Let the internet do the talking, word travels faster.



The experience does not simply end at the usage of  health kiosk. In fact  it has just began. The pinnacle of what we do lies in connecting your audience back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Will I Receive The Supply & demand Course Once I Subscribe?

Instantly. After you have completed payment, you will be taken to a secure page where you will be able to access the supply and demand forex trading course and access the discord coaching group.

What does the Discord group coaching include?

The Discord coaching group is where you will access to the supply & demand zone trading course as well as the stop hunt manipulation and capture pain relief location trading strategies. Along side the technical analysis courses, you will have access to trading psychology videos, weekly COT analysis and regularly updated advanced fundamental and risk sentiment videos. I post daily market analysis and trade setups (including CPR location and stop hunt market manipulations) in the discord group as well as answer all questions regarding technical analysis & fundamental and risk sentiment analysis. You will also have access to a weekly live group trading call via where you can ask questions on course material, trade setups and much more. You will also get access to the Trading180 fundamental analysis currency spreadsheet which identifies the best currency pair to trade based on a countries economic strength and central bank monetary policy (see pic below).

How does your course material differ from what's already publicly available?

The supply & demand course material covers some of the topics as the YouTube channel but on a much, much deeper level but a large amount of the course material is not on YouTube. Key pieces of strategic information (and indicators) are reserved for the course and will never be revealed on YouTube or any social media platform.

How do I cancel my memership subscription?

Please email at least 48 hours before your monthy/quarterly subscription renewal requesting your cancellation.

Is your supply and demand zone course suitable for beginners?

Traders must have an intermediate understanding of technical analysis i.e. candlestick charts, support & resistance etc. At least 6 months trading experience is necessary.

Why is your course not available 365 days of the year?

Opening the course at certain times of the year allows new members to who enrol to start their journey and learn with other like minded traders. Group learning, where students begin learning a subject at the same time, has major benefits to improving the educational process. Allowing traders to join at anytime is not as productive as scheduled enrolment. Imagine if the school system allowed students to start the academic year at different times? How chaotic and unproductive would that be for students and lecturers?

Why do you have a selection process?

I only want mentor hard working individuals who have the right mindset and trading experience.

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Copyright © 2018 Tech Fit Asia Pte Ltd | All Rights Reserved